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Crown | Bridle

This sculptural diptych is an alternation of a historical device "scold's bridle" and an international metaphor "carrot and stick".
It is a recreation of these devices as performative instruments to re-imagine their usage aiming to spot the light on the genders roles, both females and males, are subjected to throughout history.

Still sculpture
Bronze, Wood, Rope

“Crown” is a variation of the carrot and stick metaphor.  A head piece designated for the men following the golden mustache around, a symbol of patriarchy and supposed “manhood”.

Wearable headpiece
Metal, Bronze, Rope

A headpiece mimicking “scold’s bridle”: a metal instrument used by men for punishment, torture, and public humiliation of a woman in the 16th century. 
In this piece I reproduced the device to wear it myself and  drag down the weight of the patriarchs symbolized by the carrot  -mirroring the mustache from the crown-

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