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Site Responsive installation in Collaboration with: Mauricio Aristizabal

invited artists in the collective exhibition "Seed Bombs"

Location: Canadian Pavilion of expo 67, Jean Drapeau parc, Montreal,CA

Materials: Cement, metal, light, plastic wrap, sand.

Dimensions: 100x60x8 Inches


"Ground- Above- Ground" is  an installation created in response to the site's history which has been left vacant since the end of the expo 67, Montreal, CA.

Anchored to the permanent search for identity and the sense of home, this project allowed us, me and Mauricio both coming from different lands (Syria, Colombia), to ask questions we are both concerned with: Whose  land is the one we are standing on? who are we in relationship to it? will we be able to find our "ground above ground"?

We made reproductions of the current tiles on site and  installed it to create a spot of a pushed up ground  in an attempt  to reveal the weight that the answers might carry.

Night view of the installation

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