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I Fear White Paper

Documented performance

Duration: 120 minutes

Materials: white paper, wood, charcoal, ink.


The idea behind this action is to create a space to occupy within a limitless time span.

I built a white cubicle made of a wood structure covered with paper, then I entered it with drawing materials and without a device to tell time.

The experiment was done in a room with only myself and a camera documenting the action which lasted two hours.

On the inside, the sound of charcoal on paper was loud and the white paper felt intimidating.

I played, sang, drew, wiggled the cubicle and fell with it. I landed  and laid down in it rubbing my body against the paper full of charcoal.

White paper didn't feel any less scary. I Stepped out.

As chaotic as the paper turned on the inside, the camera only captured silent whiteness.



Time laps of the 2 hours performance ​

The inner side of the box after the 2 hours performance

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