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Urban intervention
Public art commission- Look up project- Journeys festival international
Manchester- Leicester- Portsmouth, UK


“Occupy” is a series of two dimensional interventions that address the politics of space. They draw absurd and hypothetical scenarios altering the functionality of surrounding elements in order to shift the viewers attention to the relation with the environment and invite them to act upon it. Those phrases question what kind of reality we aim to build, live, create or recreate.
Through these imaginative suggestions, the notion of space production is re-examined aiming to criticize the segregation of space one experiences according to their social and political position, gender identity, race, etc.


These interventions were made into varied sized stickers; Big ones installed around the city during the festival and the small ones distributed to people, inviting them to participate in the process of expanding them in time and geography. The invitation for people to install the stickers where they want provide a new reading to each of the sentences according to where it is, which transforms these stickers to an interchangeable instruments for the audience to interpret differently.

Each one of these stickers have a QR code that leads to a page where people, who found or installed them, can add a picture of the stickers installed to a collective map, connecting and tracking them all over the world.

This is an ongoing collaborative project, initially taking place at Journey’s festival, UK and will continue to spread in time and geography as these stickers are distributed to collaborators in different countries.


Here is were you feel no fear -- Rest
This is the center of the world -- Occupy
This is the ear of the future -- Tell it a secret
This is the last window of time -- Cross through
Imagine air is freedom -- Inhale until you faint
Imagine you are an ant -- Look up

Journeys festival international- 2021

Location: Longsight Library- Manchester, UK

Photo credit:  Drew Forsyth

Journeys festival international- 2021


Photo credit: James Taggar - Eleanor Hawkridge


This project is commissioned by ArtReach for Liberty EU at Journeys Festival International 2021, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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